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The Best of the Chatham Chatlist
Updated: 23 hours 53 min ago

Correction to CHATLIST POSTING regarding printers

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 21:21

Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2014 04:38:20 -0400
From: “Lee – Computer Therapy, Inc”
Subject: Correction to CHATLIST POSTING regarding printers (from Lynn Hayes)

Lynn indicates that I suggested she take them to the landfill, but what we actually discussed was for them to be placed in the reuse section of the local recycling center.. And for the one with the defective print head, to probably place it in the eCycle section at the recycle center since printers are more cost effective to replace than to repair these days.

Thanks to Lynn Hayes for wanting to keep these electronics out of the landfill and placing them in reuse or recycle.

Lee Pollard
Computer Therapy, Inc.
(919) 932-4357 – office
(919) 218-8115 – Lee’s cell
(919) 218-5509 – mobile technician


Highly recommend an encapsulated crawlspace

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 20:09

Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2014 13:19:10 -0400
From: Patty Strother
Subject: crawlspace

In response to the question about having an encapsulated crawlspace, I would highly recommend it. All of my foundation vents are sealed and the entire ground is covered in 6(?+) mil plastic. Both the seams between plastic sheets and the edges of the plastic draped up the footings and concrete piers are sealed with mastic.

No matter what time of year it is or what the outside temperature is, my crawlspace (which is fortunately tall enough to easily scoot around in) is always dry and a comfortably cool, but not too cool, temperature. My floor insulation is dry and there isn’t any moldy smell under the house. I am much more comfortable going up under the house to just check things out from time to time and contractors sure seem to appreciate it if they have to go there too. Plus, it doesn’t have as much of the creepy, crawly stuff in it…although mice will be mice and I do find droppings and sunflower seeds from the bird feeder in there sometimes.


For every one dollar spent on the arts, the economic return to an area is $5?

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 19:05

Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2014 11:14:56 -0400
From: Cathy Holt
Subject: arts in Chatham

Last night I was at a meeting held by the Chatham County Arts Council.

It was nice to meet many of the former board members from over the 30 years of the Council’s existence that had gathered there.

At one point it was brought to our attention that the current Chatham County Commissioners refused to give any money to the Arts Council last year and that now there is not even a situation in place where the Arts Council can apply to be included in the county’s budget.

To me, this is shameful. We are so lucky to have so many wonderful creative artists in this community. They have brought so many benefits to our area, and we are known statewide as a pocket of talent and creativity in NC. And instead of celebrating and supporting that fact, a fact that would be enticing to people interested in moving here, the current County Commissioners chose to give no support or even an understanding that this is good for economic development. As Jim Crawford, who is a candidate in the next election for County Commissioners said last night, for every one dollar spent on the arts, the economic return to an area is $5.00. Karen Howard, another candidate stood in agreement.

I hope that you will get out and vote in this next election and see if we can’t bring back some Commissioners to our county that know how to think long range in their decisions and that reflect the values of this very special county.

Cathy Holt



Who stands to benefit most from a frivolous Chatham Park lawsuit?

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 18:33

Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2014 15:30:33 -0400
From: Taylor Kish
Subject: Follow the money. . .

It was proffered Chatham taxpayers may rest easy because the developers agreed to cover Pittsboro’s legal costs if stupidity prevailed. It did.

Who stands to benefit from a frivolous lawsuit? The principal(s) who control PittsboroMatters’ funds and the lawyers. The lawyers know they cannot and will not “win”. But they also know going to court is the last resort. It usually plays out, “We will drop the suit if you. . .” The lawyers are not suing the town FOR FREE or they would be telling EVERYBODY, “HEY, LOOK AT WHAT WE’RE DOING FOR FREE!!!” The “free” lawyer becomes THE Spokesperson.

Somebody could be getting a “kickback” from pushing the business to a certain legal firm.

“Oh, look, the developers have deep pockets! Let’s sue the town so we get some billable hours! With so many people unemployed, we have fewer ambulances to chase.”

The plaintiff lawyers (for PittsboroMuggers) know what the game is and the score. They want to run up some legal fees somebody else pays. There is a very slim chance the town will have any urgency to countersue if the developers pay the town’s legal costs. There is probably some ambivalence on the part of some people on the council and/or town employ anyway. The PittsboroMuggers’ lawyers know about how much PittsboroMuggers can afford if they have to pay their own money and how much they can push the developers to avoid a countersuit.

The developers are perfectly within their rights to legally develop private property to the benefit of us ALL..

My hope is the stupid people funding PittsboroMuggers will figure out they are being duped and donate their money to people who do good. Fat chance, huh? I hope the developers squash PittsboroBuggers. We ALL pay in the end with higher prices passed on to us.


The Bottom Line on Chatham Park

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 18:04

Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2014 09:25:08 -0400
From: Ken Vrana
Subject: The Bottom Line

At the end of the day it really doesn’t matter what your opinion is.

When the big Goodnight development starts to get build, laws will be made left and right, even in the ETJ determining who can do what, under the guise of protecting the new residents. Throughout history change has been inevitable and for good or for bad that’s what’s going to happen in Pittsboro


Liberal Virginia Penley upset that no one rides the Pittsboro-Chapel Hill bus

Fri, 08/22/2014 - 23:58

Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2014 17:09:24 -0400
From: virginia penley
Subject: GOP Commissioners serve Chatham Co the Least They Can

I could not help but to read Ms. Johnson’s explanation regarding the change of priorities by the GOP-led County Commissioners over the last four years. Of course when they were narrowly elected in 2010 or what they called a “mandate†we were told that they would return Chatham County Government to “its core purpose of providing essential services.†*

As I understood it the services were 1. Upholding the US Constitution and the NC Constitution; 2. Public Safety; 3. Public Education; 4. Infrastructure; 5. Protecting our environment and natural resources; 6. Providing a basic social safety net to those who cannot provide for themselves

Naturally when one governs through a rigid application of ideological filters expenditures or investments on all functions not considered a “core function†, such as public transit, recreation, parks, arts, libraries, etc. will potentially be defunded, privatized or de-emphasized.

For example, to my understanding, during the discussion about the Pittsboro-Chapel Hill bus that is funded almost entirely by UNC and Chapel Hill, Mr. Bock said that if they had extra funds after adequately financing the above-listed core functions, they would return the funds to the taxpayers, not fund non-core functions such as public transit. Now given the potential growth in our county and the attitudes from millennials about cars and transit Mr. Bock appears to be out of step with the younger generation and where the scholarship and the development community nationwide is on the issue of transit and its economic importance.

So apparently when transit is on the table regardless of facts and the prevailing scholarship, Mr. Bock is determined to take Chatham in his direction, “Bockward†, which is neither forward nor backward.

Naturally, I and many others support the funding of FVRC and its mission, but I do not see why the GOP team deserves much credit for their decisions. They essentially took the funds out of the the deal made years ago with Briar Chapel, failed to make a good deal on behalf of the citizens to secure the promised lots in Briar Chapel and took the money and threw it at the non-profits they decided to support in Chatham County with little or no process and little regard to the many years of work volunteers put in on the Affordable Housing Task Force and on the Advisory Board.

To me the result was another example of “Bad Deal Brian†. He could have negotiated a much better deal on behalf of all citizens in the county, but instead negotiated and accepted a convenient deal instead of the best deal.

Again, I support the mission of those non-profits and their tremendous work making proverbial “silk from a sow’s ear†, but I believe legitimate questions linger about the process and policies that led to the decisions by our GOP-led Board of Commissioners.

Finally, I have no issues with Mr. Bock nor Ms. Stewart personally, I respect their willingness to serve in our county. My critique is solely focused on where we differ on process, policy and implementation and why I believe Karen Howard, Diana Hales, and Jim Crawford are better candidates to serve the long term interests of the people of our county.


Chicken Little

Fri, 08/22/2014 - 23:44

Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2014 14:41:46 -0400 (EDT)
From: Kerry Straughn
Subject: Chicken Little

Thanks for the real reason explanation of what was going on, maybe next time chicken little will look upwards to see why the sky is falling instead of preaching a personal agenda about the sky falling.



Hometown Boy and Hometown Bores . .

Fri, 08/22/2014 - 23:35

Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2014 12:04:56 -0400 (GMT-04:00)
From: lingam32443
Subject: Hometown Boy and Hometown Bores . .

In yesterday’s Chatlist, deloispopp (what a peculiar name for a native!) goes on to say that she/he was born in Chatham County and raised in Pittsboro and says “Believe me we do not want to claim Starkweather as one of our home town boys. If he were, it would be quite an embarrassing reality.”

Please dear deloispopp, give us a rundown of your family history, that makes you Chatham County Royalty.

Did it ever occur to you, dekoispopp that the natives were then, and sometimes now are still embarrassing? I arrived about the same time as Mr. Starkweather and believe me, many you native folks were just about as nasty, ignorant and prejudiced as you could possibly be(and still are)-

Here are some classics I remember:

A “hometown” realtor to me: “Sure, we got plenty of N—— here, but they don’t bother nobody”

A “hometown” insurance salesman: Drove by my home and decided he didn’t like the looks of my place and wouldn’t discuss insuring me.

A “hometown” home owner wouldn’t sell to me “because he had called the police station in the town I was temporally residing, ‘had never heard of me.”

A “hometown” Pittsboro town board member, at an outdoor market, blurted out to me “You damned Yankees come down here and think you own the place!” (I was born in North Carolina)

A “hometown” Pittsboro hardware store owner, even tho I had spent hundreds of cash dollars there over a period of three years, wouldn’t take a personal check- “Are you local?”

The reality of your embarrassment, dear deloispopp, is that you seem likely to be related to the “hometown” cranks mentioned above. The cranks that don’t want change, not capable of making change and have never really changed in their entire life. I think it is sometimes referred to as ‘hick in the mud.’

Remember, native deloispopp, we ‘non-natives’ out here in Chatlist Land are waiting to hear your response as to why you are really better than the rest of us ‘outsiders!”

L. Ingam


Say Yes to the Chef podcast tells the story of Pittsboro’s Bella Donna Italian Restaurant

Fri, 08/22/2014 - 09:55

Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2014 12:21:06 -0700
From: “Bella Donna Italian Restaurant”
Subject: say Yes to the Chef podcast

Here is the podcast from Say Yes to the Chef. Tells the story of Bella Donna Italian Restaurant, from the beginning.

Donna Bianco, Owner

Bella Donna Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria
440 East Street, Pittsboro, NC 27312
Tel: (919) 545-0900
Email: donna@
Connect with us: Facebook


Chatham Habitat for Humanity will sponsor a car show fundraiser in Pittsboro on September 27

Fri, 08/22/2014 - 07:52

Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2014 12:58:20 -0400
From: Mechelle Thompson
Subject: Cars for Castles

*Chatham Habitat for Humanity will sponsor a car show fundraiser on September 27, 2014 from 10:00am to 3:00pm, at the Chatham County Fairgrounds in Pittsboro:*
*Cars for Castles Cruise-In*
*This event will feature all makes and models of vehicles*
*We are expecting a large crowd at this event and are in need of volunteers to help with parking, food sales, directing the crowd, etc. *
*All proceeds from this event will help Chatham Habitat for Humanity build more homes for local low-income families.*


Come to the Old Fashioned Farmers Day weekend in Silk Hope during the Labor Day Weekend

Fri, 08/22/2014 - 06:50

Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2014 09:44:44 -0400
From: Wanda Crawley
Subject: Old Fashioned Farmers Day

Mark your calendars!!! August 29, 30 and 31! Labor Day Weekend!!
Gates open at 9am on Saturday and Sunday!

Old Fashioned Farmers Day weekend at Silk Hope will soon be here!!!
Come see the old farm equipment in operation! See the saw mill working! Entertainment in the Big Barn and in the park. Kiddie Tractor Pull in the barn! New this year for kids is the FREE Kids Zone! Vendors for your shopping! Food vendors available when you are ready to eat! And don’t forget to try the Silk Hope Famous “Steam Cream”! Yummy! Something for everyone to enjoy!
Come bring the family and friends for a day of fun filled activities!!

Friday night-Truck/Tractor Pull
Saturday night-Antique Tractor Pull
Sunday afternoon-Local gospel groups singing in the Barn!


It’s time to join together for the yearly Kayser Roth Reunion in Pittsboro on August 23rd

Thu, 08/21/2014 - 15:46

Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2014 09:07:40 -0400
From: Lois Clark
Subject: Kayser Roth Reunion

It’s time to join together for the yearly Kayser Roth Reunion. It will be held this Saturday, August 23rd 2014
Home of. Joyce Suttles. Hwy 64. East. Pittsboro
Time. 2:00 P.M.
Cost. $10 per person. Catered by Marsha Scurlock

If you were an employee there please come and see old acquaintance and have some fun.


Come See the Face of Agriculture in Chatham County during Agriculture Awareness Day on August 23

Thu, 08/21/2014 - 13:43

Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2014 12:34:18 +0000
From: Debbie Roos
Subject: Agriculture Awareness Day August 23!

Saturday, August 23, 2014 from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Come See the Face of Agriculture in Chatham County!

Central Carolina Community College (CCCC) – Pittsboro Campus
764 West Street
Pittsboro, NC 27312-8822

Free lunch for the first 500 guests!

Sponsored by the Chatham County Farm Bureau; co-sponsored by Central Carolina Community College and Chatham County Cooperative Extension

This free event is open to the public!

.. Tour of CCCC Student Farm at 11:00 am
.. Chainsaw safety demo by NC Forest Service
.. Gregg Brittenham, farrier, shoeing a horse
.. Bouncy house and coloring contest for the kids
.. Spinning wool
.. Fresh cider pressed on-site

Attending Organizations:
.. Chatham County Cooperative Extension
.. Chatham County Sheriff’s Department
.. Chatham County Agri-Business Council
.. Chatham County Livestock Association
.. Carolina Farm Stewardship Association
.. Farm Bureau Insurance
.. NC Horse Council
.. Chatham County Soil & Water Conservation
.. Chatham County 4-H kids with their animals
.. NC Forest Service

Attending Local Businesses:
.. Country Farm & Home Supply
.. Pittsboro Outdoor Power Equipment
.. Huckleberry Trail Farm
.. Clapp Brother’s Tractor & Implements
.. James River Equipment
.. Dr. Richard Kirkman, DMV
.. Arbor Enterprises, Inc.
.. Crystal Willett, The Rabbit Barn
.. Bland Landscaping
.. Matthew Arnsberger, Piedmont Environmental Landscape and Design

Food Vendors:
.. Maple View Dairy Ice Cream for sale!
.. Barney’s Famous Hot Dogs
.. Fresh Pressed Cider

Debbie Roos
Agricultural Extension Agent
Chatham County Center
North Carolina Cooperative Extension


Mia Munn’s notes from the July 21, 2014 Chatham County School board meeting

Thu, 08/21/2014 - 07:26

Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2014 16:15:32 -0400
From: Mia Munn
Subject: My notes from the July 21, 2014 CCS School board meeting

Sorry this was delayed:

New format – closed session at the end of open session. Meeting started just after noon. Two community members (Angela Millsaps and myself) were in attendance.



*Consent agenda approved*

*Code of Student Conduct *

Review of policies – multiple policies, changes in laws

Revision, new format with infractions in Levels 1-5, clarifies expectations, easier to follow for students, parents, admin. Lots of discussion in preparing these changes, particularly around proposed consequences – principals can deviate. Insure common standards and compliance.

Replaces other policies – would need to rescind those policies.

Hamm – I brought up school bus – glad that they are separate – but some offenses may need school consequences as well as bus consequences.

Turner – K-5 consequences too much

Hamm – bus consquences have to be quicker and more severe – bus is moving down the road, behind driver’s back. Privilege.

Turner – not privilege – required to provide bus transportation.

Howard – getting student to school is on parents not students

Turner – why not put second adult on bus. Some students won’t comply. Anything that makes them miss school is too much.

Hamm – parents legal responsibility to get them to school

Jordan – already hardship finding bus drivers – not having strong consequences will make more difficult.

Jordan – atypical to give suggested consequences for specific offenses – more districts don’t have. We have had to increase consistency.

Hamm – if deviate, then next parent will complain

Jordan – counsel said to make sure principals understand aggravating and mitigating circumstances. Every tweak has been around suggested consquences.. Levels have maximum consequences. More problems if spell out consequences – clear that there can be deviations. Within school, needs to have consistency.

Turner – K doesn’t understand in the same way – same consequences for different grades?

Jordan – laborious to break out for every grade. Principal has discretion to take into consideration (K less understanding of breaking rule).

Leonard – move to rescind policies.

*Approved 4-0*

Leonard – move waive first reading and adopt student code of conduct.

*Approved 4-0*

*Schedule for Supt Evaluation schedule and process* – from attorney based on state rubric with 2 small tweaks

July 30 – discuss initial thoughts on goals. Then before Sept mtg – self-assessment. Sept mtg, set goals for year.

*Approved 4-0*

*Graduation requirements*

Four areas of changes

P 2-5 – tables (clarify state requirement and CCS requirement)

Language in red – college and career promise – give HS credit for college course (in college and career promise pathway)

P 1-2 – seat time – state board no longer requiring seat time – share more info later – credit through demonstrated mastery – district can grant credit – doesn’t contribute to gpa. Native language speakers, very advanced students. Putting together team to define process (state doesn’t have all of the particulars)

Jordan – NCPVS didn’t require seat time

Access more rigourous coursework

P 6 – EOC – no longer require score of 3 to get course credit. State tests 20% of grade (in past, CCS was higher than state – 25%)

P 7 – diploma endorsements – focus area/pathway – addition to diploma – don’t have info from state. Not required to have endorsement to graduate.

For mastery – student passes test and does project.

Howard – mastery – how express intent?

In Orange – pilot district. Process – have to apply to go through (end of semester before) . Same requirements across district. Timeframe to complete test and project. Guidelines around courses exempt from process.

*Approved. 4-0*

(Howard called for a vote, took the vote, then asked for discussion)

Del – we are graduating people that don’t have mastery. Take a test – give them the test, give them the answers.

Hartness – Credit by mastery process is Rigorous –Orange had to get 94%, and then do project. State board requirement that we offer option.

Hamm – in Orange how many?

Hartness – Only in Foreign language native speakers– 4 apply, 2 passed test, zero passed project. Harder than they expected

Jordan – came from DPI AIG dept – initially, many kids think they can get credit without course, but most realize they can’t – exceptional students.

Hamm – like early admin to K – only handful state wide.

*Reg 7510R Education Leave for employees*

Previous allowed employee for only a short time – now licensed employees have to have been employed 5 years, and have to be enrolled full-time.

Previously – can’t be in consecutive years – now, only in exceptional circumstances (principal academy)

Jordan – reward long-term employees. Instance in past year – newer employee, hard to fill position.

Regulation doesn’t require approval – but want board feedback.

Howard – good idea. Benefit to employee/investment.

Jordan – love the word “investment†.

*Regulation 5030R – community use of facilities*

Worked on for several months – policy match practice (and practice match policy).

Blice – discussions on request to waive fees. Need to have requirement for timeline (so not after the fact). If waive – 45 day notice. Embedded in regulation and application.

Howard – paper applications?

Electronic – school fills it out and submits.

Hamm – what if submit late, 42 days? Admin wants to hear that board will back.

Jordan – can appeal.

Turner – why 45 not 30

Blice – timeline – can’t request space more than 60 days in advance. Need to have time for board meeting.

Turner – fee if cancel?

No cancellation fee. Not sure if application fee is refundable.

Turner – think there should be. What if several groups want at same time. Group miss out. Limit ourselves if don’t have cancellation fee.

Howard – app fee is indication intend to go forward. Bad taste – looks like we are a money making enterprise.

Turner – I get it – we’re not looking to make money..

Jordan – to even break even, substantially increase. With 45 days – if thought enough in advance, not fly by night or in conflict with intent of policy.

*Fee Schedule for community use of facilities*

Comparison with other districts

(Jordan – always asks staff “have we benchmarked?†)

Didn’t look at Wake (not comparable). CHCCS, Harnett, Lee, Orange, Moore, Randolph) – lots of variation.

Generally lower than everyone but Randolph – look to be middle of the road. Recoup costs and keep facilities in good shape.

Hamm – is $25/hour enough for lights at football field?

Messer – varies school to school.

Jordan – have allowed use of theater lights – blown bulbs fall back to district. Sound system has a certain lifetime.

Hamm – sound board – usually students run. Do students get paid? (Y)

Is $25/hr custodian/supervisor – if that enough?

Blice – had been vetted previously.

Messer – y. would cover – gets normal hourly rate.

Jordan – have heard that some groups couldn’t afford to use..

Leonard – concerned about doubling (everything but app fee and classrooms) – message sending to community. When our students/community uses – win/win situation for schools. Need to do better job at school level policing (if don’t take care – don’t rent to that group).

Jordan – policy said “bring suggestions for changes to fee structure annually†– last time was several years ago. No “right’ answer – look at neighbors and stay in the middle (or on low side).

Staff will live with whatever board decides. Obligated to maintain facilities.

Leonard – if says look at every year – then could modify next year.

Jordan – (lunch prices – increase more than minimum, so don’t have to increase every year.)

Hamm – move non-profit from $50 to $35, and increase to $50 next year. Leave for-profit.

Turner – $30 and damage deposit?

Howard – how much? Could be a lot more.

Hamm – damage deposit wouldn’t cover glass backboard.

Jordan – concessions – eliminate (like other districts) – stock and health inspections.

Blice – can’t nail down cost of lighting.

Jordan – not required to bring back every year now, but we could.

*Revised schedule (non-profit $50 lowered to $35) – approved 4-0.*

(Howard called for a vote, took the vote, then asked for discussion)

Reconsider when implement – what if someone applied tomorrow and wanted waiver, but within 45 days.

Hamm – could apply – in transition.

Jordan – feels less clean.

Howard – do we delay for-profit as well?

Applications submitted on or after September 1 –

*Motion to revisit approval of fees – approved 4-0*

*Motion to make new fee schedules effective Sept 1. Approved 4-0*

*Waiver of rental fees *

Jordan – Mr. Blice address use of lights. Should we waive cost of using lights?

Leonard – don’t waive lights

Howard – request waiver of specific things or all fees?

Blice – just general – discovering as try to refine rules.

*Leonard – motion to approve (including lights) *

*Approved – 4-0*

Jordan – Add to regulation – no light waivers in future (in consensus)

*YMCA Memorandum of Understanding*

Reviewed – on summer Fridays, allowed Y to use. Charge $60 utility fee for Fridays – not in MOU. Needed to do. Y folks have no concerns.

Hamm – do in June before summer (haven’t done recent years)

*Approved 4-0*

*Rescind logo discussion*

Received feedback after May meeting when adopted logo. Changes have cost. $5-15K. Continue, or step back, and look at logo again. Will keep logo 10 years or more. Require marketing. Want it to say “world class schools†. Slightly different or completely different direction.

Howard – which cheaper?

Stay with adopted (and revise). Cleanup – or look at new firm or new bunch of logos with different starting point.

Business cards, letterhead, etc – costs associated with rollout.

Hamm – concerned that reopen after 4-0 vote *(NOTE: vote was 3-1, Turner against)*. Accepted with potential changes to colors or font. Shocked they are charging for those minor changes. There are cheaper alternatives (friend with new business- $300 for 500 alternatives).

Jordan – not just minor tweaks. Colors – we have exhausted a number of color combinations. Nothing says “world-class†– says courthouse, tower, busy.

Request to include courthouse from EDC.

Howard – we had a process. Survey. Vote. Fix what was adopted.

Hamm – how many times vote till get it right?

Howard – Jordan got feedback.

Turner – design doesn’t meet requirement of job – CCS schools – courthouse doesn’t say that

Leonard – we need to get there – spending

Compass 47% survey, selected – 43%.

Leonard – if accept one of 2 – only a little money to cleanup. If new one, lots of money.

Need to be on website, paper, color and b&W – complicated.

Howard – stick with what approved –

Jordan story of parts of logo (describing) – don’t get from just looking at it

Hamm – can we get price estimated?

Jordan – get more info, and bring back July 30? What changes wanted?

Howard – don’t like font. Make compass more clear. Colors. Tell them expect <$5k.

Start with compass version – change font (to font on others), make compass more identifiable. Show Haw River Christian Academy logo so it is not as similar.

For courthouse – make less busy – (remove shield, make book smaller?)

Or go forward with what voted on?

Howard – rescind prior decision and go with compass.

*Approved – 3-1 (Hamm opposed)*

*Adjourn to closed session* – items included personnel agenda (I didn’t stay).

Approved Personnel agenda


Angie Brady-Andrews named new principal of Silk Hope.


Silk Hope AP Toomer named new AP at Northwood. Philip Little was also named
new AP at Northwood. Effective dates to be determined.

Mia Munn
Candidate for Chatham County (NC) School Board District 3
Email me your school or campaign concerns at Mia4Chatham at gmail.com
My campaign website is Mia4chatham.com


This week at Chatham County Libraries

Wed, 08/20/2014 - 22:59

Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2014 21:07:58 +0000
From: Susan Clayton
Subject: This week at Chatham County Libraries

Chatham Community Library, Pittsboro

Wednesday, August 20
10am MS PowerPoint Basics, Pt. 2 (Registration required. Free)

Thursday, August 21
9-12pm & 1-3 pm Genealogy volunteers will help with family research. Call library for appointment. 919-545-8084

Friday, August 22
10:00am Common Thread

Saturday, Asugust 23
3:30pm Spanish Book Club for adults

All Story times are on vacation and will return again in September.

In keeping with the NC Public Records Law, e-mails, including attachments, may be released to others upon request for inspection and copying.


Liberal Virginia Penley rambles on about Teddy Roosevelt

Wed, 08/20/2014 - 22:55

Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2014 19:33:14 -0400
From: virginia penley
Subject: GOP Commissioners Do the Minimum: That’s Just Fine?

Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2014 22:18:17 -0400

From: Muddylaces

Subject: More What’s up.

“Welcome to Chatham County: we do just enough to get buy. If you want investments like crosswalks, forget it, that’s frivolous.” – Virginia Penley, Democrat BOC supporter, Aug. 3rd 2014 chatlist

Ms. Penley’s posts make the accusation that Chatham’s Conservative commissioners are compromising public safety because they won’t take more money from the the citizens to buy enough white paint to put down two straight lines. But when Pittsboro’s 15/501 was repaved, Pittsboro wanted to install $90,000 decorative crosswalks and wanted county taxpayers to pay for half of it.

I really pity the democrat candidates. They want to run against congress, or the general assembly, but unfortunately they are running against conservative candidates that are running on their record because they are proud of it.

So if you want $90,000 crosswalks, vote for the democrat candidates.

If you want common sense government,



Last week a local supporter of the current GOP-majority, “Muddylaces†responded to my post regarding the GOP-majority, their record over the last four years and governing style for Chatham County.

His main defense was that the Democrats are “…running against conservative candidates that are running on their record because they are proud of it.â€

So I assume from his statement that the GOP is proud of doing the minimum.

Ironically, the progressive and liberal GOP of Lincoln, John Sherman, Teddy Rooselveldt (TDR) and others did not accept the minimum and actively tried to intrevene and make our country better.

When the modern GOP claims kinship with Lincoln they conveniently forget that the “party of Lincoln†ceased to exist a long time ago as did the party of TDR and Dwight Eisenhower.

Those leaders busted trusts, looked out for the little guy, built the federal highway system and warned Americans about the dangers of the military-industrial complex. They did not settle for the minimum.

Telling the world that the current crop of leaders in our county is “conservative†and “proud of it†tells me that they will put their ideology above what is best for the county and its future.

The crosswalks in Pittsboro were cited as an example, because the county was asked to invest in Pittsboro and help install decorative crosswalks on the circle and on Hillsboro Street. The County and the Town would have split the cost 50/50 and the citizens of Pittsboro and the County would have received attractive and safe cross-walks that “Main Street Towns†across the state typically install to improve public safety and make the community more attractive and better places to live.

Unfortunately, the County leadership declined to invest in a “Main Street†idea that the NC Department of Commerce has endorsed and supported for years.

Teddy Roosevelt initiated the concept of investing in National Parks, putting land aside for use by the people for recreation and beauty. The former Democratic Commissioners did the same, investing in land and creating county parks in the Northeast, Northwest and Southwest District Parks. The current GOP commissioners do not believe in doing anything more than the absolute minimum for Chatham County, calling that common sense government, and their record the last four years show that clearly.

Instead we hear squawking about conservative values and frivolous expenditures, which is an attitude I don’t understand. We live in a time where homeowners are constantly beautifying and investing in their own homes. Goldston, Pittsboro, Siler City and the rest of the hamlets across this great county are in effect our homes. Why on earth would our leadership being so proud of failing to invest in our “homes†?

So I guess the lesson is if you want governance that does just enough to “get buy†and takes it cue from “Scrooge†in the Christmas Carol vote for the status quo; however, if you have “Great Expectations†for Chatham County then vote to make a change this fall and you might be able to get your “Dickens fix†from a new bookmobile, too.

Virginia Penley


This Week @ The City Tap in Pittsboro

Wed, 08/20/2014 - 22:55

Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2014 13:06:50 -0400
From: Jeffrey Towson
Subject: This Week @ The City Tap

Good morning Chatlisters! We have a truly outstanding weekend of live music from start to finish, we’re talking ‘A-listers’ here folks. Cmon out and treat your ears and soul, b/c great music really does do a body good.

Wednesday @ 8:00 -* Open Mic*
Come check out some of Pittsboro’s talent at Open Mic! As always on Wednesdays it’s $1 off draft beer as well

Friday @ 8:30 PM – *John Howie Jr w/special guest Michael Rank*
When North Carolina’s honky-tonk heroes the Two Dollar Pistols broke up in 2008 – John Howie Jr. already had the seeds planted for a new group, one that would continue the tradition of making soulful honky-tonk based music for contemporary times. Bringing drummer Matt Brown over from the Pistols, John recruited pedal steel guitar ace Nathan Golub, christened the new band John Howie Jr and the Rosewood Bluff, and set about writing a new batch of songs. From the country rock to Honky Tonk, John Howie Jr and the Rosewood Bluff prove that there really is no reason to lament the sad state of contemporary country radio. Do yourself a favor and check these guys out if you haven’t already!

Michael Rank, although engraved as “outlaw folk”, “damaged country”, “alternative appalachian”, and “shattered mountain music”, has Michael Rank’s work has been marked as many things by many folks. Rank is a rock-n-roll survivor who has created two stellar discs in the past year demonstrating himself to be talented songwriter truly hitting his stride. Highly recommended!

John Howie Jr and the Rosewood Bluff

Michael Rank

Saturday @ 8:30 PM – *Killer Filler*
Killer Filler is the spawn of keyboardist, guitarist, and songwriter Chris “Crispy” Bess — an all-instrumental five-piece outfit to meld his twin penchants for 1960s Memphis soul and California surf music. Twang, spy, funk, lounge and swing flavor Crispy’s songwriting as well as the B-side nuggets that he picks to arrange and cover. Crispy commands the Hammond organ and a six-string to boot while guitarists Bryon Settle and Greg Bowers join on dual guitars, Bryon’s drop-jaw phrasing colored by Greg’s solid rock rhythms. The rhythm section is a seamless and versatile unit with Paco Robles on drums and Steve Eisenstadt on electric bass… Instrumental music sets a party vibe that’s infectiously groovy.

Killer Filler

Sunday @ 3:00 – *KC Turner and Thunderegg*
KC Turner is the pure singer/songwriter, offering heartfelt songs with a touch of humor. He is probably better-known as San Francisco’s premier promoter of top-flight national and local musicians, at house concerts and at some of the most prominent venues in the Bay Area. John Craigie says “If you don’t know the name KC Turner, you don’t know the Bay Area music scene.”

KC Turner


The City Tap


Silk Hope Benefit Bingo will be Thursday, August 21

Wed, 08/20/2014 - 16:48

Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2014 09:25:06 -0400
From: Wanda Crawley
Subject: Silk Hope Benefit Bingo!

Silk Hope Benefit Bingo will be Thursday, August 21!
Doors open at 5:30 Early games at 6.30 Regular games at 7:15

Benefit Bingo at Silk Hope is every 1st, 3rd and 5th Thursday of each month unless announced otherwise.

Over $1000 in cash payout! Doors prizes!

Come join the fun and be a winner!

Funds raised from Benefit Bingo go to support local school scholarships, teacher/school supplies, aiding and improving the community!

Hope to see you Thursday, August 21 for Benefit Bingo!!! We appreciate your support!


Ethanol gas seems to be particularly tough on small motors

Wed, 08/20/2014 - 12:41

Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2014 08:32:59 -0400
From: “Don Mercz”
Subject: Non-ethanol gas

Ethanol gas seems to be particularly tough on small motors; especially 2 cycle motors (outboards/chain saws), and I use it exclusively in all the small motors I own. The bad news is that the allowable percentage of ethanol in gas has increased, from 10% (E10) to 15% (E15). I haven’t seen it here yet, but NC is one of the states that allow it; keep an eye out for that at your local pumps.

BoatUS warns that E15 is not suitable for use in outboard motors, and can cause serious damage. Crosswinds Marina on Jordan Lake sells ethanol free gas. Since the pumps are down on the dock, you can easily fill up your boat; if you’re willing to haul your gas can about 100’ (each way), you can get pure gas there for your other small motors. The Shell station on Hwy. 64 in Apex (Lake Pine Rd.) sells E-free gas, and this website lists other stations thru-out the state: http://pure-gas.org/?stateprov=NC

NA in Pittsboro, as far as I can tell.



A gasoline stabilizer is really a must for gas with ethanol in it

Wed, 08/20/2014 - 10:40

Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2014 08:19:54 -0400
From: Sherri Shepherd
Subject: a gasoline stabilizer is really a must

To Glen and others Š.a gasoline stabilizer is really a must for gas with ethanol in it. Two super stabilizers are Star.Tron by Starbright and Stabil. Both are good but I prefer Star.Tron especially for marine engines.. Briggs and Stratton make their own brand for small engines. Don’t forget air compressors, water pumps, etc. Lucas Oil makes a good one as well as other specialty manufacturers. For the life of “engines” ethanol is a menace without a stabilizer.



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